Services & Packages

Yes Clean is here to Clean The House Down! 

We have two ways to pay, and we like to call them. 
The Hookups & The Regulars.



The Hookups

(one off visits that are pay-per-visit)

It's your space and you keep it clean, we understand.

But from time to time you need a helping hand getting the job done, and that's okay with us.

Yas Clean can come over and clean your space when requested.

When you need it and how you like it! We are always here to help.

The Regulars(COMING SOON)

(recurring monthly billing plan & advance booking dates)

You like to have us over to clean your space on The Regular.
So we will be around to clean your space on a  regular schedule that you choose.

Oh and of course because you like to see us so much and we like you too,

there is a discount for keeping us on "The Regular". 


Being a Member 

To be one of our "Regulars" or for a "Hookup, you need to be a member.

Being a member is like being our friend, and being a friend has its benefits.

Who doesn't want a friend with benefits, right?


So by signing up and becoming a member you will gain access to our exclusive members only area.​

  • Book new services

  • Manage your account information

  • Access exclusive booking dates and times

  • Access to "The Regulars" discounted members only section

  • Early access to discounts / promotions

  • View/change upcoming bookings

  • View past bookings

and more

Sign up now to start experiencing or services


 or below is a description of or services, have a look around.​

The Standard Clean

Our standard cleaning service is a more frequent cleaning option for a home that is already well kept.

Cleaning the Bathroom

The Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service is a less frequent cleaning option for those who typically clean about once a month.

Move-In | Move-Out

Our move-in/out cleaning service is perfect for preparing the homes for new tenants/owners, homes needing extra care, or getting your bond money back.